Training Courses

Concealed Carry Training

8 hours plus range time. The Concealed Carry class covers: Use of Deadly Force, Marksmanship Fundamentals, Legal Restrictions on carrying a concealed handgun, Handgun Safety, Handgun presentation techniques, Cleaning and Maintenance, & Ammunition components. Proficiency Drills & test so you can apply for the permit. Price includes Notary seal for required state, & county forms. Required for class: Hearing, & eye protection, ammunition, acceptable firearm, holster & rain gear No open toed shoes. This permit is good in N.C. & 36 other states. Classes limited so register early. FIREARM RESTRICTIONS BELOW

Best Price: $75.00

Marksmanship Training

More advanced classes for better accuracy. Targets included. Ammunition can be purchased at the range.

Best Price: $50.00

Firearms Safety

3-4 hour class. Learn how to safely use, shoot, store & clean a pistol. Proper ammunition storage and chosing calibur . Targets included. Bring your own gun and ammunition or use one at the range. Pistol included (50) rounds maximum.

Best Price: $50.00

Basic Pistol Classes

4 hours. Learn what pistol parts are used for and safety issues. Bring your own gun & ammunition or rent one at the range. Targets included.

Best Price: $50.00


Absolutely NO Jennnings, No Bersa 380s, No Jemenez, No Taurus 380, or 9MM, No 45/410, No 50 Cal., NAA Mini Pistols, Derringers, Lorcin, Walther 380's . Brolin Firearms, 44 Magnum's, .45 cal. or any other $79 to $149 pistols, or firearms not shot or cleaned in 20-30 years allowed on the range. They are dangerous, not reliable, and will repeatedly malfunction or explode. Pistols are available at the range for $20 rental. Covers semi-auto target pistol, holster, ammunition, hearing and eye protection..

Best Price: $20.00

Self Protection Classes

Learn how to protect yourself with out a gun. What other methods are available. Classes taught by a Certified Close Combat Instructor former Police Officer and Georgia Department of Public Safety Officer. Special classes available just for women and women organizations.

Best Price: $35.00