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We now have Remington, Hornady & Winchester & other brands of ammo.

Corrosion X for Guns. Best product for gun cleaning. Removes carbon fouling, powder, casing residue cleans and protects in just 1 bottle, instead of 4 different products. Safe for bluing, stainless steel, polycarbonate, wood & all metals. $15.00. This product will last a long time. Other cleaning products available.

40SW 180 grain BJHP, 25ounds per box-----$15.00 per box,

Hornady Critical Duty 9MM+P 135 grains FlexLock 20 rounds per box-$ 22 per box

Federal Match Grade 22LR---330 rounds 19.00

Hornady Critical Defense 9MM $25 per box (25) rounds

Ruger MARK IV 22-45 Semi-Auto Pistol


Great gun for target practice, plinking & small game. Very accurate and has many safety features such as loaded magazine indicator, manual safety, magazine disconnect and frame lock. Uses .22 LR Ammo MSRP $ 529 with 2 Magazines.

(Mark III 22-45 are no longer made or available.)